White Ash Block WA-167 3" x 3" x 12.2"

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White Ash Block WA-167
3" x 3" x 12-1/4"
3 lbs.

This is a very nice 3 inch square-section, end-grain block of Texas White Ash. The color is an overall light to slightly pinkish brown with strong inter-grain stripes of darker brown (spalting?) and a strip of bark along half of one edge (top photo). The grain pattern is strong and linear but nicely figured in the younger wood below that strip of bark. It also includes a subtle hint of curl with light chatoyance.

There are two thin strips of "included bark" on two edges of the blank (top photo, left edge of annotated face and lower edge of left side). There are also two very small drying checks on the annotated face - one just below the smaller strip of included bark and one at the lower end, to the left of the bark on the edge (top photo). These are thin and tight and appear to be very shallow - I do not consider them to be significant flaws.

I see no other cracks, checks or "flaws" in this blank.