Texas Ash Bowl Blank TA-120 6" x 3" thick

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Texas Ash Bowl Blank TA-120
6" diameter x 3" thick
3-1/2 lbs.

This is a very nice bowl blank of burly Texas Ash. This is a half-log blank with full bark on the back side, ready to be turned as either a conventional or natural-edge bowl. It comes from a tree with numerous burl buds that extend out from the deep interior to form prominent ridges and mounds on the barky surface (top photo). Two large buds and at least one small bud are present in this blank.

The log was halved very close to the pith and most of that tight pith is present at or just below the surface (see end-grain faces of middle and bottom photo). That pith is quite sound but does include at least one small and very thin radial cracks (faintly visible on the middle photo). Since the photos were taken, that one tiny crack as well as two previously invisible radial cracks on the opposite end, have opened up into larger drying checks. These are still not major flaws and I would reinforce them with CA glue and, if necessary, fill any remaining gaps during turning. There is also one fairly large knot on the annotated face (top photo). I see no sign of any other structural flaws.