Mesquite Board M1195 0.9" x 6.1" x 20.3"

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Mesquite Board M1195
0.9" x 6.1" x 20.3"
3 lbs.

This is a quarter-sawn to rift-sawn board of Texas Honey Mesquite, surfaced on 2 sides.  It has square edges all around, with exception of one corner that is live edged for about 8". The board has the strong reddish-brown color of mesquite heartwood with a nicely undulating grain pattern and some beautiful figure visible on the cut faces.  There is compression figure with great chatoyance on one face.  The other face has numerous burl bud clusters and some eye-catching medullary rays.

There are some cracks in one corner that you may want to treat with CA glue or epoxy.  Black is my go-to color for Mesquite because the contrast is so pretty.   Of course other colors are great, too. 

This board has been air-dried to 10-12% moisture content.  I've taken plenty of photos of this piece, so please scroll down below the first 3 to see them all.