Mesquite Board M-1006 3"x 1.1"x 9.7"

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Mesquite Board M-1006
3"x 1.1"x 9.7"
1 lb.

This is a beautiful Mesquite board has a mostly linear grain pattern throughout, except where disrupted by a single branch bud on the left side of the front face (first photo, about 2/3 way down).  There is moderate figuring on the back face around several burl buds. 

Most of the board is the rich, reddish-brown of Mesquite heartwood.  Along the front left edge, there is a thin sapwood with frass-filled tunnels.  It could be an attractive edge to finish.  If you choose to remove the sapwood, the block would be 2 1/4" wide.

There is a thin grain-parallel crack in the board at its top, as shown in the third photo.  You may wish to stabilize this with CA glue.