Mesquite Block M2015 2" x 2" x 15"

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Mesquite Block M2015
2" x 2" x 15"
1.7 lbs.

This is a long spindle of Texas Mesquite. It is all heartwood except for a sliver of bark and sapwood in one corner. The color is a beautiful deep reddish-brown with darker accents along the growth rings. The grain is roughly parallel to the long axis.

This block has been fully air-dried to 10-12% moisture content. There is a darkened zone of en echelon cracks at the top of the block, opposite the annotation. The dark-lined cracks in Mesquite are not dynamic drying features. They are formed by severe stress on the tree during growth (think Texas hurricanes and tornados) that are character marks showing the tree's living history. They are unlikely to grow any larger. CA glue will stabilize these for woodwork. Similarly, if you wish to retain the bark, touch it up with CA glue prior to working with it.