Mesquite Block M1183 2.7" x 2.7" x 10.3"

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Mesquite Block M1183
2.7" x 2.7" x 10.3"
2.5 lbs.

This is a striking end-grain block Texas-grown Mesquite.  It has beautiful grainthat is long and mostly straight.  One quarter of the block is sapwood and bark, giving you some very pretty contrasting colors.  The sapwood and bark have some interesting character -- open cracks, open bug boreholes, and some sub-bark void space. This piece would be well-suited for epoxy work, and epoxy or CA glue may be necessary if you want to get full use of this block. 

This is a fully air-dried blank, with moisture content under 10%. 
Please scroll through the photos to see close-ups --- you may need to scroll down within the photo section as we often show more than three photos.   

There are cracks and vugs galore in this block.  We recommend it for an experienced turner, with plenty of CA glue at hand.  It has potential to produce an exceptional turning.