Mesquite Block M-863 2.3"x 2.3"x 6.5"

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Mesquite Block M-863
2.3"x 2.3"x 6.5"
1 1/4 lbs.

This is another very nice, rectangular end-grain block of Mesquite. The color is the rich reddish-brown of Mesquite heartwood. The grain is strong with a very attractive, combination of linear to gently undulating patterns on the sides. There are three prominent clusters of small burl buds within the swirling grain pattern on the block that swing the grain around in very pleasing curves.  

A prominent round feature on one side (top and bottom photos) is an imbedded old, bark-lined branch.  You can see the grain emanating from it, and you can faintly see the trace of the branch growth direction.  Fascinating!

I see no other significant cracks, checks or flaws.