Mesquite Block M-1066b 2" x 2.1" x 16.5"

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Mesquite Block M-1066b
2" x 2.1" x 16.5"
2.1 lbs.

This is a pretty block of Texas Honey Mesquite.  The block is almost entirely Mesquite heartwood, a deep reddish-brown.  There are very pretty swirling patterns in the grain and numerous burl bud clusters.  There is a patch of corner-wane with a bit of sapwood and bark.  The block is partially spalted in proximity to the bark.  The entire block is solid and strong with no deterioration associated with the spalting.

I see no cracks in this block.  You'll see some tool lines on the surface of the block from an uneven planer blade.  These will turn or sand right off.  The block has been air-dried to 10% moisture content.  Density of this piece is about 52 lbs/ft3. 

I've taken lots of photos of this piece; scroll down below the first 3 to see all of them.