Mesquite Block M-1047 2.1" x 2.2" x 16.4"

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Mesquite Block M-1047
2.1" x 2.2" x 16.4"
2.4 lbs.

This is a gnarly and fun block of Texas Honey Mesquite.  It's a long piece of wood that will give you lots of options.  We've cut this block to highlight its complexity of grain and for its very nice (and challenging!) bark.   Depending on what you choose to turn with this, you may be able to keep a natural edge.  

The colors include the rich reddish-brown of Mesquite heartwood, the golden to grayish yellow of Mesquite sapwood, and the dark brown of Mesquite bark.  The bark appears to be tight and strong, but you may wish to stabilize if turning so that you don't lose bark chips.  There are gorgeous burly swirls in this piece, with multiple burl bud clusters throughout.  Please scroll through the photos to see close-ups --- you may need to scroll down within the photo section as we often show more than three photos.   

I see no flaws, checks, or cracks in this block.  The heartwood is strong and dense.  It will produce a beautiful turning!