Mesquite Block M-1040 4.4" x 6" x 6.2"

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Mesquite Block M-1040
4.4" x 6" x 6.2"
6.5 lbs.

This is a 6" bowl blank, over 4" tall.  The colors are the reddish brown of mesquite heartwood.  The grain is swirling and quite burly.  There are burl bud clusters throughout the block.  This is an exceptional block.  Best suited for an experienced turner.

The mesquite tree this wood came from was stressed during growth, likely from the wind storms and hurricanes that visit Texas.  These growth-related cracks are open and slightly spalted (they stand out with a dark contrast to the matrix).  These will be beautiful features in a finished turning and may require stabilization.   One of the cracks is very open, with a vug that looks to be at least 6" long and with a >1" cavity.  With care, you can keep this as an open feature, or alternately, it would be a good decorative epoxy candidate.

This block is a beauty, and I've taken lots of photos for you.  Please scroll down in the photos to see all of them.  The color variations in the photos are all my fault, the block is beautiful and rich red-brown throughout.