Mesquite Block M-1000 2"x 1"x 7.2"

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2"x 1"x 7-1/4"
1/2 lb.

This is another very nice, rectangular end-grain block of Mesquite. The color is the rich reddish-brown of Mesquite heartwood. The grain is strong with a very attractive, combination of linear to gently undulating patterns on the top and back sides. There are two prominent burl buds within the swirling grain pattern on the top photo, both of which can be traced thru the block to the opposite side.

There are two prominent cracks on back side (bottom photo). These are the very terminal ends of pith-related radial cracks. They do not extend into the annotated face, and dark as they are, I consider them to be minor. I see no other flaws in this block.