Mahogany Board Mg-459 2" x 3.5" x 15"

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Mahogany Board Mg-459
2" x 3.5" x 15"
2.3 lbs.

This is a thick board of S4S Mahogany.  It'll be a beautiful project piece for flat work or for turning.  It's definitely not from Texas!  We seldom have non-Texas wood in our inventory, but this is left over from a commissioned project. 

The grain on this block is long and straight.  The color is a deep red brown, with a beautiful chatoyance.   The wood is 8 to 10% moisture content.  

This block has an irregular, curving hairline crack that cuts across the center of the block.  I've taken close-up photos of it.  It does compromise the block's strength, so please be aware of it.  It is visible on 2 of the 4 faces of the block.  There's also a small knot mid-block.  If you are doing flatwork, the other two faces are pristine.  For turning, you can either reinforce the crack with thin CA glue or avoid it completely by cutting the block into smaller pieces.  This piece is discounted because of the crack.