Madrona Bowl Blank Md48 4" x 8" x 14"

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Madrona Bowl Blank Md48
4" x 8" x 14"
8.8 lbs.

This is a beautiful and complex half-log bowl blank of Pacific Madrone wood taken from a crotch, which is the node at which branches originate. This one is exceedingly complex and is suited for an experienced turner. There are 3 major branch intersections along the main trunk in this blank, with  additional incipient branch buds present. In addition to the grain complexity, the blank is spalted and has some drying cracks. It's a striking blank that will make for some beautiful finished turnings.

The bark is absent from this piece. You have the option of turning either a conventional bowl or a "barkless" natural-edge bowl. It is extra-long, so you may get several bowls or other turnings out of this one piece of wood.

This is a GREEN to partially air-dried bowl blank, meaning that it still retains a lot of its original moisture from when it was a living tree. It dried naturally without seal to about 25% MC, hence the cracks. Once we discovered it and cut it to dimension, we sealed it with Anchor Seal to continue the process of slowly drying. It was measured at 25% moisture content in January 2023. If you need a current moisture content, please message us so that we can check its status for you.

This blank does have quite a few cracks. While we often treat the cracks for you, we've opted not to for this blank since it is still pretty green. You'll want to fill these with CA glue prior to turning. The cracks will continue to develop as the block dries, so there may be more than shown in the photos. Because of the complexity of grain swirl in this blank and the open cracks, we recommend this for an EXPERIENCED turner.

About the Tree

This Madrona tree grew on San Juan Island, Washington. It died naturally and rested in the forest moss, spalting gently over time.