Eastern Red Cedar Bowl Blank ERC-316 6" x 6" x 4"

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Eastern Red Cedar Bowl Blank ERC-316
6" x 6" x 4"
3 lbs.

This is a trimmed half-log bowl blank of Eastern Red Cedar that is cut for a natural-edged bowl.    The heartwood is a beautiful dark orange; the sapwood is a nicely contrasting white to cream color.  The bark has tunnels from wood borers; these "galleries" can be preserved with stabilizer if you wish.  Typical of Cedar, there are likely to be small, tight closed knots in the heartwood.  This blank has one juvenile branch that extends outward from the heartwood to the surface of the log; it will be a beauful feature in the finished bowl.

This bowl blank has been air-dried for several years, to a moisture content of ~12%.   It's been end-sealed with Anchor Seal.

The log that yielded this half-log piece was cut thru the pith, and the shallow portion of that pith is included just below the cut surface. However, the pith is tight and the blank exhibits no visible structural weakness.  I have rounded this into a bowl blank shape for you to minimize your effort at the lathe.