Eastern Red Cedar Block ERC-336 4.5" x 6.5" x 8"

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Eastern Red Cedar Block ERC-336
4.5" x 6.5" x 8"
4.8 lbs.

This is a large end-grain block of Texas Eastern Red Cedar.   It is primarily the deep reddish-purple heartwood with a somewhat complex grain pattern.  The long axis of the block is cut parallel to the tree's main growth direction, and there is a major branch intersection on the annotated face.  There is some stunning swirling contrast where a small bit of sapwood intermixes into the heartwood.  If you choose to turn this piece, you can likely highlight this natural contrast in grain tone. 

This piece is very aromatic -- it smells wonderful!   We've air-dried this block to ~12% moisture content, in logs that were end-sealed with Anchor Seal.  We've carefully sealed all of the knots, so that they've dried without any major cracks.   However, use care in turning, as there may be internal features that you need to stabilize while turning. 

This block has a small bit of wane along two edges, as shown in the photos.   Please scroll down to see all photos, as the web page displays only the first 3 by default.