Eastern Red Cedar Block ERC-335 3" x 3" x 6.1"

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Eastern Red Cedar Block ERC-335
3" x 3" x 6.1"
0.9 lbs.

This is an attractive end-grain block of Texas Eastern Red Cedar.   It is entirely the deep reddish-purple heartwood with a smoothly linear to gently curving grain pattern.  There is some stunning swirling contrast where a small bit of sapwood intermixes into the heartwood.  If you choose to turn this piece, you can likely highlight this natural contrast in grain tone.

Typical of cedar, there is a branch knot present in the block -- in this case, it is on the "top" of the block.  It isnot likely to cause challenge, though you may wish to stabilize with CA glue.  There are a few scattered wood borer holes and a small bit of wane along one ege.

This piece is very aromatic -- it smells wonderful!   We've air-dried this block to ~12% moisture content, in logs that were end-sealed with Anchor Seal.    Please scroll down to see all photos, as the web page displays only the first 3 by default.