Mesquite Bowl Blank M-1016 3.2" x 5.8" x 6.8"

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Mesquite Bowl Blank M-1016
3.2" x 5.8" x 6.8"
3.9 lbs.

This is a complex and gnarly block of Texas Mesquite that will turn a gorgeous bowl. The colors are the deep reddish brown of Mesquite heartwood, bright yellow sapwood, and dark brown bark. The bark forms an indentation in the surface of the block, giving it a natural edge on the back face. This slab blank was cut from the outer portion of a burly log and contains numerous clusters of burl buds within a beautifully complex grain pattern. The block is rough-sawn. We are providing photographs of all faces -- please scroll through to see all, as only 3 display by default.

There are a number of pith-associated, age-darkened cracks throug this block.  They are discontinuous, and the block is sound.  They are partially opened and are candidates for filling with epoxy, if desired.   Note - the pith-related, radial cracks in Mesquite are not drying features but are formed by severe dynamic stress on the tree during growth (think Texas hurricanes and tornados). They are unlikely to grow any larger once the lumber has been harvested and dried. 

This block has been air-dried to 10-12% moisture content.  It has a lot of character that we've attempted to show in the photos.  There may be additional surprises on the inside, such as bark inclusions.  We recommend keeping CA glue handy while turning Mesquite.  Mesquite is a joy and a challenge to turn.