Bodark Block B-573 2" x 2" x 9.5"

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Bodark Block B-573
2" x 2" x 9-1/2"
~1-1/2 lbs.

This is another nice, end-grain block of Texas Bodark. The present basic color is the golden-yellow of Bodark heartwood, with intragrain bands and areas of reddish-orange spalting. Those colors will ultimately turn to a much stronger golden-brown with age and exposure to light. A large thin area of cream-colored sapwood is present on one side and thin portions of the adjacent sides (top photo, left side, plus edges of the other two photos). That sapwood is shallow and most, if not all, will turn off if this blank is to be turned on the lathe. There is also a single medium-size knot that passes thru the block and is visible on two adjacent sides (middle photo, left edge). These are quite sound and should pose no problem to turning.

The shallow remains of a small and thin radial crack is present on one end-grain face (middle and lower photos). Located very close to the edge of the block, that small crack will also turn-off as the blank is turned on the lathe. And last, there are two very thin and shallow drying checks in on end of the sapwood area. These are not apparent on the photos, but I am confident that they will turn off, along with the rest of the sapwood, as the blank is turned to round. I see no other cracks, checks or potentially significant flaws.