Bodark Block B-453 3" x 8.2" x 1.4"

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Bodark Block B-453
3" x 8-1/4" x 1-3/8"
1-1/4 lbs.

This is a solid rectangular block of quarter-sawn, lightly spalted Texas Bodark. The colors are those of fresh-cut Bodark - a bright golden-yellow heartwood and a creamy white sapwood. The heartwood includes several stripes and areas of reddish spalting. All of those colors will, over the course of time and exposure to air and light, gradually change to a darker orange-brown and ultimately to a beautiful dark, golden brown.

There is a pair of short, overlapping cracks on one edge (bottom photo) that are the very tail ends of very old, pith-related radial cracks located outside this block. Otherwise, this block is quite sound - I see no other cracks, checks or significant flaws.