Bodark Block B-438 2" x 2" x 11.75"

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Bodark Block B-438
2" x 2" x 11-3/4"
1-3/4 lbs.

This is a very nice 2 inch-square spindle block of Texas Bodark. It is primarily the light golden-orange of moderately-aged Bodark heartwood. This heartwood will turn to a strong and beautiful dark golden brown with age and exposure to air and light. It has a tapered wedge of cream-colored sapwood along one edge and portions of the adjacent sides, and topped by thick patch of brown bark. When turned to round, all of the bark will be gone and a tapering wedge of sapwood will decorate a portion of one side of the finished cylinder.

Two small and shallow drying checks in the sapwood at one end of the block developed after the photos were taken (on the end-grain face of the bottom photo. These are minor and I would simply reinforce them with thin CA glue before turning). I see no significant flaws.