Eastern Red Cedar Block ERC-315 1.5" x 1.5" x 16"

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Aromatic Cedar Block ERC-315
1.5" x 1.5" x 16"
0.7 lbs.

This is a nice, long end-grain block of Eastern Red Cedar. It is entirely the deep reddish-purple of Texas Cedar heartwood.  The grain pattern is strong and linear.  In places, you can see intermixing of heart and sapwood that is characteristic of ERC.  This piece is very aromatic -- it smells wonderful!

Discounted!  This piece has been marked down due to along-grain cracks.  These do not appear to be typical drying cracks -- it looks more like stress fractures that formed post-growth but prior to drying.  See close-up photos for details -- you may need to scroll down the photo section to see more than 3 photos.   You can choose to stabilize the cracks or to trim them away.   There's plenty of good material here even if you removed the cracked region, which is why we're selling rather than scrapping this piece.  :-)