Pecan Bowl Blank P-451 3" x 6" x 6.7"

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Pecan Bowl Blank P-451
3" x 6" x 6.7"
2.8 lbs.

This is a modest-sized half-log Pecan bowl blank.  The colors include the creamy light brown shades of Pecan heartwood and the milk-chocolate browns of Pecan bark. It has full bark on the backside and is well suited for a natural edge bowl as well as for a conventional bowl. Were I turning this blank, my choice would be a natural-edge bowl form. 

This bowl blank is GREEN to partially air-dried.  It is a half-log bowl blank cut through the pith.  The blank has been carefully sealed with Anchor Seal to slow the drying and reduce the chance of cracks forming. 

I see no significant cracks, checks, or flaws in this block.