Pecan Block P-479x 1" x 1" x 9"

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Pecan Block P-479x
1" x 1" x 9"
0.25 lbs.

This is a beautiful spindle of Pecan wood.   Its color is tan to peach with a smoothly linear to gently curving grain pattern. Some pieces may have a small amount of bark or wane area.  Some also have frass-filled boreholes.  These all are character marks that bring Pecan its beauty.  If you wish to preserve these features in the finished turning, we recommend you use CA glue to secure bark and to stabilize or fill the boreholes. 

These spindles make excellent finials, writing pens, and magic wands.  They are popular for use in Christmas ornaments.

We choose the best from our Pecan stock for these spindles. We've air-dried these spindles to ~12% moisture content, in logs that were end-sealed with Anchor Seal.  Yours may not be exactly the ones photographed but will be similar in quality and description.  Many of these have compression figure in them which can be beautifully chatoyant in your finished turning.