Pecan Block P480 5" x 5" x 11.8"

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Pecan Block P480
5" x 5" x 11.8"
6.1 lbs.

This is a BIG block of Pecan wood.   It is heavily figured, including some beautiful compression ripples and even a bit of burl.  The burly part is just below the nose of the alligator / wolf / fox.  This piece will be beautifully chatoyant once finished.

It has a mix of heartwood, sapwood, and bark.  Its color is tan to peach with plenty of variation throughout.  The grain is just gorgeous.  Sometimes straight, sometimes wavy, sometimes curled.  There is plenty of character to work with:  frass-filled boreholes, bark, open cracks, bark inclusions. .  These all are character marks that bring Pecan its beauty.  If you wish to preserve these features in the finished turning, be sure to use CA glue to secure bark and to stabilize or fill the boreholes.  The open cracks may be good candidates for a contrasting-color epoxy fill. 

This block has been air-dried to 10-12%  moisture content.

About the Tree

This Texas-grown Pecan tree was harvested in Fresno Texas in December, 2021.   It was in a residential neighborhood where it had been planted near a home that was built in the 1930s.  Over the years, the small Pecan tree grew large, and it threatened the house.  The homeowners reluctantly called their tree company to cut down the tree and stack the wood for us to recover.  We're always happy to save wood from the firepit or city dump.  Their trash is now yours to treasure!