Alder Bowl Blank Ald58 2.7" x 10" x 12"

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Alder Bowl Blank Ald58
2.7" x 10" x 12"
5.6 lbs.

This is a bark-on, live-edge Red Alder bowl blank. The wood is an overall peachy-brown color with warm undertones of red and yellow.  Alder tends to have a lot of color variation throughout, so please browse the photos to get a sense of this particular piece's character.

There is an interesting branch intersection captured in this blank, a crotch between a small branch and the main trunk. The wood has some compression figure beneath the branch. There's an open crack in the branch that you'll probably need to reinforce with CA glue.

This bowl blank has a live edge with bark on. If you wish to retain the bark in a finished project, please secure it well with CA glue prior to working with the block.

This is a nearly-dry block of wood, measured at 15% - 20% moisture content in February 2023. If you need a current moisture content, please message us so that we can check its status for you.

About the Tree

This Red Alder tree lived a long and healthy life on San Juan Island, Washington. It died naturally and toppled over, probably during one of the wind storms which frequently sweep across the island. It rested on the ground in the forest for a time, allowing the local mushrooms to colonize and spalt the wood. Spalting is highly variable across the tree. Not all pieces have spalting, but quite a few have black-line and zone spalting that enhance this already-beautiful wood. You'll enjoy the projects you create from this wood!