Texas Ebony Knife Scales TE-752 0.45" x 1.7" x 5"

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Texas Ebony Knife Scales TE-752
0.45" x 1.7" x 5"
0.3 lbs.

This is a set of Texas Ebony knife scales that will make a beautiful knife handle.   They are bookmatched, such that the pieces of wood are mirror images of each other.  Each scale is .45" thick, so that the matched pair is 0.9" (or 7/8") thick.  These are larger than standard knife scale dimensions, giving you the opportunity to select the best grain and color for your knife handle.

This pair of knife scales is entirely the dark brown heartwood that Texas Ebony is famous for. The heartwood color is very dark overall and has some spalting and slightly decayed area that you will probably want to reinforce with some CA glue.  I've taken close-ups of this porous grained area, and I would personally use a thin to medium CA glue, probably black in color.   It will make a gorgeous knife handle.

These scales have been air-dried to 8-10% moisture content. I take lots of photos, so please see the photos for close-ups of these knife scales.