Bodark Block B-742 1.5" x 1.5" x 16.4"

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Bodark Block B-742
1.5" x 1.5" x 16.4"
1.8 lbs.

This is a very nice, 1-1/2 inch-square spindle block of lightly spalted Texas Bodark. The colors are the light golden-orange of recently-surfaced Bodark, with occasional lines of reddish spalt staining. With time, the traditional orange and reddish Bodark colors will turn to a beautiful dark, golden brown with age and exposure to air and light.

This block has one long crack that will need stabilization prior to turning.  If I were turning this spindle, I'd reinforce first with thin/medium CA glue.  There is also a tiny bit of wane in one corner.  This block is discounted because of the crack -- there is a LOT of good material in it, especially if you stabilize the crack.

I've taken lots of photos of this piece, so that you can see the quality of grain and spalting.   Make sure you scroll down below the first 3 photos, so that you can see the close-ups.