White Ash Bowl Blank WA-242 3" x 6" x 6"

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White Ash Bowl Blank WA-242
3" x 6" x 6"
2.9 lbs.

This is a square bowl blank of Texas-native White Ash.   The colors are a beautiful combination of light and dark browns (with a slight pinkish shade). The grain is tight and smoothly flowing.  There is some gorgeous quilting and chatoyance on two faces that appears to extend well into the block.  I can see the glimmers of quilting on the front (annotated) face, but it's rough enough that I don't think I can capture that in the photos.

This bowl blank has been air-dried to 8-10% moisture content.   There are some voids in the block associated with a knot, and there's no telling how complex it might be on the inside.  This could be a candidate for an epoxy pour to fill that void, or you could approach it with caution and CA glue. 

We've taken plenty of photos of the block, so please scroll beyond the first three to see all of them.