Alder Block Ald44 2.6" x 2.7" x 7.9"

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Alder Block Ald44
2.6" x 2.7" x 7.9"
0.9 lbs.

This is an eye-catching spindle of spalted Red Alder. The wood is an overall peachy-brown color with warm undertones of red and yellow. There are lots of white flecks scattered throughout, almost in a wormy texture -- these may be bits of sapwood mixed into the heartwood. It's a striking figure! Alder tends to have a lot of color variation throughout, so please browse the photos to get a sense of this particular piece's character.

This is lightly spalted Red Alder. Turning this block to achieve a good finish without tearout will require sharp tools and a light touch.

Fully air-dried to ~10% moisture content. This piece has a large, bark-filled knot with very pretty grain swirl around the knot. You may need to secure the knot with CA glue for stability if turning the block. There is a small wane edge, see photos for close view.

About the Tree

This Red Alder tree lived a long and healthy life on San Juan Island, Washington. It died naturally and toppled over, probably during one of the wind storms which frequently sweep across the island. It rested on the ground in the forest for a time, allowing the local mushrooms to colonize and spalt the wood. Spalting is highly variable across the tree. Not all pieces have spalting, but quite a few have black-line and zone spalting that enhance this already-beautiful wood. You'll enjoy the projects you create from this wood!