Mesquite Turning Chonks

We cut up a mess of Mesquite today for turning blocks. Most are up on our site now, with more coming this evening as I work my way through them. Today's batches were all traditional pieces, not live edge -- so a bunch of blocky bowl blanks, spindles, and big 4# blocks. They're all air-dried to fully Houston dry, about 10% MC.

The taller 4x4x8" blocks in the photo were a special request from a gentleman who turns pet urns. I would have cherished having someone make an urn for our family pets of the past. He just needs one or two, and I think we cut 7. All of these need a bit of epoxy or CA glue prior to turning. The cracks will add to the beauty of the finished piece. These big 4# blocks would also make great vases. turned boxes, and bandsaw boxes.

Here's a selection of photos from today's shop work.  If you see something you like, they're all listed on the site.  We can get them to your doorstep in a few days time, priority mail.


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