A Freezy Breeze Blew

As y'all may have heard, it got pretty cold down here in Texas a few weeks back.  BRRRR was it cold! 

Our temperature lows in Katy were in the low teens, well below what we've seen down here for 30-plus years. Our family was without power for a few days, and the grandparents were without water for weeks.   Thankfully we're more or less recovered from the cold.  We have new-found respect for all of our friends who live further north than Houston, TX!


Photo of 3 kids playing in a trampoline in snow
Here are our youngest three playing in a snow-filled trampoline.  

Fortunately, we have been able to fulfill wood orders throughout the weather event, and we're back in the full swing of sawing and milling now.  Our US mail service is still running a bit slow, so we're really hopping on our end to get wood shipped daily to reduce delivery time.  As always, we're shipping USPS Priority mail, insured, to get your Texas woods safely and securely to you.

 Happy Woodworking!

- Leslie


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